Wednesday, March 10, 2010

:So...Is this Gaza???"

  "Was that Gaza????????"
He kept repeating the question in a broken robot fashion ,while gazing hypnoticaly at the TV . He did not want to miss a second..He has just stepped into the living room, when his eyes caught sight of this magicaly facinating virgin shore.The view was a fair devision between yellow and azzure blue:....the  sand and  the sea. It looked like an untouched shore , so primitive, at least to the extent where no five or seven star  facilities or services were in sight.The sea, the sand , the people and some umbrallas  ,have always been the basic  componants of a Gaza beach.

           It was only some years ago that the Gaza beach was an   ABC part of  both his life and his normal eye agenda . Not that he ever loved swimming there or anywhere, but it was his mother's hometown.So the sea , HER  obbsession , naturally  became part of his childhood, his happiness and now...his yearning.

"Is this Gaza"....he repeated franticly....
She would not answer...she even avoided  his eyes.
Now  the cameras widened their scope.They were telling a  a different story .A surfer  or two appeared  , and in a blink, the shores were flooded with colorful bikinis.

        He gasped and ceased to ask.He did however scan his mother's face,a face so much older  now than then when access to Gaza was normal, possible and a matter of a personal choice and decision.It feels so backward in time, he is almost a man  now , impossible to be dragged to the beach by her .How little did he know  then , about   the preciousness of  those sea-drags .

He dropped himself  on the sofa   next to "her" , he wanted so much to hug her ,maybe to allow both his and her saddness  to burst into tears,or sobs .But he did'nt , he wanted to spare her the pain.He held her hand  , squeezed it ,   and giggled .Then with his hand outstretched he pointed towards the Bikini flooded shore . "This"... ,he said..." Is definitely  NOT Gaza". 

A word about this..
Gaza is my hometown.It is where  both  my paents rest in peace.It is where all my happy memories  reside.It is where my  miraculous sea  is.I still bare the smell in my soul,sounds of the waves  fighting in the darkness haunt me.Will i ever go there again???I still live in hope.                          .